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Introducing GoSol

Résumé/Summary : I work on this project since 8 years and the goal is to empower people, letting them decide and build their energy autonomy. The energy from the sun is free, with our free construction guides to build high-powered solar concentrators, anyone, anywhere could tap into that free energy.

Imagine if a technology was developed that cut by over two thirds the cost of tapping solar? That made building a solar powered business anywhere straightforward, easy, affordable and low risk? And if communities could use solar power from morning to night for multiple purposes? Could this change everything? And if we succeed, we are ready to put everything in open source.

With your participation in our Free the Sun campaign, we’ll find out together if we all can have impact together.
Date : 29 Mai/May 2015
Heure de début/Start Time : 13h
Lieu/Location : Tampere, Finland
Fuseau horaire/Timezone : UTC+2 (Europe, Central Africa...)
Pays/Country : Finlande
Organisation : SFCO
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